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Frank Sinatra - Witchcraft

A classic act to end the night

30 Day Horror Challenge

Day 04 - Your favorite werewolf film

 I was a huge absolutely HUGE fan of An American Werewolf in London. I mean this was in the era where if you wanted special effects you had to use puppeteering and to this day it still had one of THE best human-to-wolf transformations without the use of CGI.  Not only that but there were few films that the werewolf wasn’t laughable in its wolf form. I also liked that even though it didn’t have any connections with the original wolfman film it was about some average joe who happens to come in contact with a werewolf and, well no spoilers, but it doesn’t end well. For anyone. A definite cult classic and must see if you haven’t seen this movie. Oh and by all means do not watch its sequel An American Werewolf in Paris. VOMIT